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Around the US.
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truck's Celebration Week!
See whats happening and what special offers are available for
participants AND the regular Joes who just like to look.
-Each week a new make or model is celebrated. Come join
the fun              and claim some bragging rights with YOUR

-See new models on display courtesy of regional
dealerships as well as factory reps!

-Visit with after market parts and paint professionals. Buy,
sell and trade automobiles & parts with yourneighbors and
across the country.
Auto Pride Events
This is the next new thing in car shows!
Come to Branson to buy, sell, trade, swap auto parts or even put your car or
truck in the auction!

Featuring: Convertibles, Coups, Chevelle, Studebaker, Acura, Lexus, AMC,
BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Corvette, Cuda, Electric cars, 4x4s, Mustang, Camero,
Jaguar, Fiat, Mini Cooper, VW and many more!

Every week there are trophy presentations for the best of that week's
highlighted cars or trucks.  

From finished Hot Rods to complete restoration projects.
All enthusiasts are welcome.

Sales events are subject to number of participants.
Expo locations may vary.

Visit Missouri and leave your world behind.

Auto Pride Events are produced by
Dave Willard
Auto Pride Events